Monday, October 12, 2009

I attended ClubFest and saw a bunch of organizations that I would have liked to join. Unfortunately, because I have a class schedule that doesn't really allow me to go to any meetings of the clubs that I want to join, I haven't been able to become very active in any. So in this blog post, I'll just talk about one of the clubs that I would like to join as soon as I am able: the club rugby team.

I've always thought that rugby was a pretty cool sport. It's not very popular here, though, as you might have noticed. So when I went to ClubFest and saw that they had club rugby here, I signed up. Not too long after, I got an email about the club and when they practice, have games, etc. I was kind of disappointed but not terribly surprised to see that they have practices during one of my classes.

I hope to be able to get involved with rugby during the spring semester. I don't really think that rugby has huge possibilities for leadership opportunities, and I am obviously interested in it for personal reasons. I think that involvement in this club might get me some new friends and also help me to continue to be active.

It's kind of unfortunate that I didn't have anything better to talk about as far as a club that I was actually a part of, but hopefully this spring I will be able to get more involved on campus. Until then, I guess I'll just have to do my best to make it to whatever I can.