Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting to know your instructors is extremely important, even if it wasn't so much that way in high school. Now it is important because they can help you in several ways. The can be resources for job or internship applications, they can write recommendation letters for you for many things, and they can use their influence in some other ways, too.

There are several things that I am interested in that a professor may be able to help me with. Obviously, as everybody is, I wish to have a job in the future. Also, in the near future, like the next year or so, I will be looking for opportunities in research, so I will need to find a professor that does research in my field of interest.

I think that the staff that I need, I will find in my classes or through professors that teach my classes. I don't imagine myself having to go out and look for staff that will meet my needs, but if I indeed do, then I would be willing to do that.

Everybody can benefit from having good relationships with professors and advisors. Even if it may not seem completely relevant at this point in time, I'm sure it will become quite clear to you further down the road. In addition to them helping you out, though, professors can be interesting people that are fun to talk to and get insight from.